Roof Restoration

Roof restoration transforms and protects for a fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement . . .

How do you know if it needs restoration?

One of the major benefits of a tile roof over a metal roof is how long it will last, providing it is maintained.
Over time the original coating of the tiles will break down. The roof will lose its colour. The pointing and bedding will start to deteriorate.

It’s time to have us come over and inspect your tile roof if you notice any of the following:

  • Obvious leaks that are causing internal dampness
  • Mould on your ceilings
  • Roof tiles covered in mould and dirt
  • Chipped or cracked tiles or grouting

The most important thing is that you are proactive about your roof now, and don’t let an old or damaged one go untreated for very long. If you ignore the problem now, it will only get worse until you are required to deal with it later.

It costs you nothing for us to come over and inspect it.

What are the benefits of a roof restoration?

If your roof is looking dirty and generally unkempt; you have two choices if you want it to keep protecting your home and maintain value.

Have it replaced, or have it restored.

The benefits of restoration include:

  • Cheaper than a full replacement
  • Protects your home from potential mould and water damage caused by leaks
  • Tiles treated to protect them against moisture absorption, preventing roof leaks in the future
  • Roofing materials repaired and tightly secured to protect against damage from winds and storms
  • Aesthetically the freshly restored roof will look brand new, lift street appeal and add value

What exactly does roof restoration entail?

  • Stage 1 – clean roof and gutters to remove all mould and debris

  • Stage 2 – repair leaks, replace broken tiles, repoint ridge caps

  • Stage 3 – paint to seal and protect against future wear and tear, and provide a fresh colour.

Our 9-step roof restoration process


1. Install safety rails where required

We follow all of OH&S guidelines to ensure work is carried out safely on your roof. This includes installing safety rails to highset houses and using safety harnesses where required.


2. Clean out gutters

We remove leaves and debris from gutters before pressure cleaning to ensure debris doesn’t entering your downpipes and potentially block them.


3. Divert contaminated water

We divert the dirty water from pressure-cleaning away from your water tanks to keep your tank water clean. We also follow environmental guidelines to ensure waterways are not contaminated by trapping dirty water at the outlet onto the road.


4. Clean everything thoroughly

We start with a 50cm rotary washer, followed by a 4000 psi pressure cleaner to clean the tiles, valleys, flashings, pointed areas, barge caps and noses. The roof, gutters, house exterior, windows, fences and pathways are all washed clean, without chemicals.


5. Repair Leaks

Leaks can be caused by something as simple as a broken tile, broken pointing, or bedding; to something more complex such as faulty tile clips, flashings, or the actual design of the roof itself. Whatever it is we will repair it properly so it's permanently fixed.


6. Replace broken tiles, barge & caps

We thoroughly inspect all the roof elements, and all broken or damaged tiles or caps are replaced with matching new ones, and affixed securely.  Your roof will look brand new.


7. Rebed and repoint caps

Ridge cap pointing does deteriorate over time and cause leaks. We apply flexible pointing over the top of the bedding to keep the caps in place.  If required, we will also rebed the mortar if see that this has also broken down, although this is not usually necessary.


8. Paint the roof

We mask up solar panels, skylights and gables and cover adjoining roofs and vehicles with dropsheets, to prevent overspray.  A sealer is applied, followed by two coats of roof membrane. Barge caps, lead flashings and under flyover roofs are painted by hand.


9. Clean up

And of course the final step is to remove any debris and all our equipment, so your property is left clean and tiey.

We undertake a final quality inspection to ensure nothing has been missed, and leave you with a beautifully transformed roof!


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