Roof Repairs

Roofing repair can often accomplish the same result as a roof replacement, and for less money...

Roof repair versus roof replacement

When there is a problem with your roof, it can be hard to know what to do. The feeling that your home is vulnerable is worrying, and you may think that it needs to be replaced.

Before you go down that expensive route, why not look into roof repair?

Roof repair, providing it’s undertaken by a professional Roof Restoration company, can often accomplish the same result, for a fraction of the cost.

Precise Roof Restoration provides roof repairs to make your roof look and function as new – without having to pay the costs of a roof replacement.


What are the benefits of roof repair?

The most important benefit of a roof repair is that it will save you money. Unlike a full roof replacement, a repair can isolate specific issues and fix them.


Precise Roof Restoration provides a range of roof repair services


Leaking Roof

Leaks can be caused by something as simple as a broken tile, pointing, or bedding. However, there are also more complex explanations such as faulty tile clips, flashings, or the actual design of the roof itself.
We will do a roof inspection that will identify the source of the problem and fix it – permanently


Repair Broken Tiles, Barge Caps, and Ridge Caps

These form the backbone of your roof. If any of them are broken, we can repair them in order to make sure your roof remains in good working. Anything that is not up to our standard, we will replace.


Rebed caps

The ridge caps of a roof are held to the tiles by a mortar compound which breaks down over time, resulting in roof leaks. We will rebed any loose caps so that you won’t have to worry about water seeping in anymore.



Flexible pointing is applied over the top of the bedding in order to keep the caps in place. The pointing will eventually break down over time, resulting in leaks. We will repoint your caps with high quality flexible pointing.

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